SPOT Thermometer - Server Software

SPOT Thermometer View

The followiong information is displayed:

Target Temperature;
Ambient Temperature
Target and Ambient temperature alarm status
For instruments set to ratio mode, displays the signal percentage and signal alarm state;
The instrument name (stored in the device) and IP address;
Access to a SPOT camera live view window;
Access to all instrument settings, including a spot size calculator;
Allows you to set the SPOT thermometer emissivity by selecting a material;
Provides an automatic SPOT thermometer emissivity selection based upon a known target temperature.

Spot Control Ok
Trend View

The Trend window displays a chart of live or historical values plotted against a time axis (See below
For each item of data available in the Trend window, you can do the following:

Spot Viewer Trend View

Select a trend profile colour. Click on the Colour drop-down box and select the required colour;
Enable/disable the trend in the chart view. Tick the check-box foreach trend you want to view;
Set a delta target value for the trend data. Click in the ? Target text field for your selected trend and enter the required value.

Each Trend displays the following information:

The data description;
The trend data maximum value;
The trend data mean value;
The trend data minimum value;
The trend data Rate of Change (ROC).
The delta time for the current trend value to reach the defined delta target value.

SPOT Trend Control

Spot Trend Control

The Instrument Window

A graphical representation of the control panel of the LAND Spot thermometer Instrument Window

Dual Display Snapshot

Displays temperature values and allows access to the thermometer menu system. Also allows you to take a snapshot image of the target being viewed by the thermometer. If your thermometer is fitted with two detectors e.g. a Ratio model, you can configure a display to show the temperature measured by each detecto

About the Trend View

Here is a typical Trend View. It provides a view of live and historical temperature trend data for the instrument. A cursor provides details at each point.

Spot Server - Trend View

Spot Viewer Trend View

Trend Modes

Live Mode - Displays a live trend of temperature data from the instrument.

Historical Mode - Displays all stored data from the insteument
About the Grid View

This provides a view of live (left) and histotrical (right) temperature trend data for the instrument.

Spot Viewer Table View Historical  

Spot Viewer Table View Live

Platform Specification

The minimum installation platform requirements of the software shall be:
• Processor : Dual Core Pentium or Equivalent
• Memory : 1GB
• Hard Drive : 500MB
• Graphics Card : 256MB
• Communications: 100MBPS Network Adapter
• Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels
• Operating System: Windows 7 32-bit, .NET Framework 4.0

NOTE: This minimum specification is based on the software functioning with two SPOT thermometers.
The software shall support the following Windows operating systems:
REQ2.2.2 • Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit.
REQ2.2.3 • Windows 8, 32 and 64 bit.