There is a range of optional accessories available to ensure you get the best possible service from the investment you have made when specifying SPOT pyrometers for your application solution.

For full details of all mountings please view datasheet.

  • M16 8-way to M16 12-way Cable 0.3m

    PART Number 808084

    The M16 8-way to M16 12-way connector allows replacement of non-System 4 instruments.

  • Cabling & Power Supply Options

    The SPOT Thermometer requires a choice of cables in order to operate. There are two options on type of cable and on cable length. There is a choice of either Digital or Analog cable sets.

  • digital cables

    Digital Cables and Power Supplies

    Specific lengths of Power over Ethernet cable are available, one end fitted with an M12 PoE connector for connection with the instrument, the other end using an RJ45 fitting for easy connection to a network switch or control PC.

    M12-RJ45 Cable 5m Straight Connector - 807944

    M12-RJ45 Cable 20m Straight Connector - 807945

    M12-RJ45 Cable 100m Straight Connector – 807946

  • Power options

    Power Options

    There are a number of options to power either a single instrument or up to four instruments from the same source.

    PoE + Injector Desktop (807417)

    Industrial PoE Injector (808959)

  • Analog cables

    Analog Cables and Power Connectors

    A specific length of Power over Ethernet cable. One end fitted with an M16 connector for connection with the instrument, the other end an 8 way stripped leads cable.

    M16-Free 8 Way Cable 5m Straight Connector (807950)

    M16-Free 8 Way Cable 20m Straight Connector (807951)

    M16-Free 8 Way Cable 100m Straight Connector (807952)

  • Analog Connection PCB/Kit

    Analog Connection PCB/Kit

    PART Number 807942

    PCB connection board for use with one of the above cable selections. The customer is free to wire to the power supply of their choice.