Features & Benefits

  • The combination of Ethernet, Modbus TCP, Video and analog all from one thermometer
  • Live confirmation display of the focus distance and measurement spot size
  • Multiple form factors enable easy replacement of other thermometers
Key Feature Key Benefit
Thru-the lens integrated camera with auto brightness Easy target alignment on low temperature targets in dark environments or very high temperature targets in bright environments (not fibre optic models)
Rear display for target view, temperature reading and setup through simple menu-driven software 1 man installation at the sensor location - no need to verify control room readings
Choice of single and multi-wave detectors with switching, including ratio models Models allow user selection of multi-wave or choice of single wavelength detectors in the same sensor (additionally single wavelength models available)
Single Sensor solution Ideal for use with customer PLC’s or DCS systems
No requirement for a separate processor
Other Features and Benefits
4 -20mA from the thermometer Industry Standard 4-20mA linear temperature output
High Quality Optics No chromatic aberrations - accurately defined target spot even with multiple wavelength sensor models
LED Sighting Pulsed Green LED simplifies sighting even on hot targets
Sensor confirms the focus distance and spot size.
No laser safety requirements required (Fibre optics use Red LED)
Local and remote focussing Convenient focus adjustment and verification feedback of spot size and focus distance (Fibre optic models require manual focus)
Multiple operator interface language versions Simplifies thermometer installation and operation of user interface. Avoid user misunderstandings
Password access Prevents unauthorised access to key settings
Range of mountings and accessories available Installation in all environments, in many cases existing mountings can be reused reducing installation costs
Sapphire Protection window Resists scratches, solvents – easily cleaned with a rag (Standard body model only)
High ambient temperature specifications Less reliant on auxiliary cooling